JudoFit Kids Golden League is a new competition aimed at children under 14 years old. Young can participate in various challenges in order to win and collect golden trophies and all the JUDOFIT golden cards!

We invite all children, from all over the world, to visit our platform. Show us your skills! Perform each of our IJF JUDOFIT KIDS exercises, practising them at home, in clubs and classes and later participate in the IJF official challenges for kids.

As you take part in each of the challenges, you have a GOAL: win GOLDEN trophies in each of the challenges.
To participate in the challenges you need to:
Wear your judogi fasten your judo belt correctly or wear sports clothes
Perform the exercises correctly as showed in the challenges videos
With this you will be able to collect: Golden trophies + Golden Cards!
And share your personalized card in your social media
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